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Loy Chye Chuan黎才专

Loy Chye Chuan, born in 1940, is an established second generation watercolour artist in Singapore and is one of the founding members of the Singapore Watercolour Society.


He is a self-taught artist with no formal training.  He devotes his time at an art studio at Telok Kurau and participates in art exhibits around the island.


“Painting is my hobby.  I have not had the opportunity of formal training in fine art.  To fulfil my ideal, I had no choice but to grope alone in the dark, such experience can only be understood by others who have gone through the same search.


In 1959, I had the opportunity of getting acquainted with Mr. Lim Cheng Hoe, a self-made watercolour painter from the first-generation Singaporean artists.  His achievement prompted my decision to make a foray into the world of art.  Boldly I strode our set off on a blind-man’s journey into painting, which became my life-long engagement.  My eye-sight was sadly affected because of long hours spent painting under sunlight, and I was forced to give up the brush and take to the business world in 1974.  But because of a lack of business acumen, I returned to painting in 1982.


My experiences told me that the pursuit of cultivating essential painting techniques is a long and rugged path, a touchstone of patience and perseverance as well as the alchemy smelting furnace of moral character.


After four decades of explorations, studies and hard-work, I have gone through much trials and tribulations and despite the fact that it took me long to grasp the secret of the art, I have gained much in the way of profundity of painting and life philosophy. This I regard as my greatest fruition and joy.”