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SWS 54th Annual Exhibition – Colourful Splashes 2023

The 54th annual exhibition of SWS will take place this year from September 23rd to 26th at the multi-purpose hall (level 7) of the Singapore Chinese Cultural Center. The exhibition will feature artworks by SWS members, as well as the winning entries from the SWS 15th National Junior Watercolour Competition, which is held alongside the exhibition. Visit our exhibition website by clicking on the link below.

SWS 15th National Junior Watercolour Competition 2023

This competition is organized alongside our annual SWS exhibition, aimed at promoting watercolour art among our young. There will be 2 major categories for participants.

SWS 53rd Annual Exhibition – Colourful Splashes 2022

SWS has organised an exhibition every year for the past 53 years. Last year, the exhibition was held from 11-16 September in Singapore Chinese Cultural Center after having it online for the past 2 years due to the Covid-19 pandemic. About 200 watercolour paintings by 100 members were showcased alongside 56 winning entries from the SWS 14th National Junior Watercolour Competition held in conjunction with the exhibition. Click on the link below to see the online edition of the exhibition from our exhibition website.

SWS 14th National Junior Watercolour Competition 2022

This was organised in conjunction with the SWS annual exhibition. The aim is to promote the art of watercolour painting and bring awareness and appreciation of the arts, especially in our young.

Painting Workshops at Telok Kurau Studio

In year 2022, SWS organised a series of workshops at our Telok Kurau Studio where SWS senior artists shared their knowledge and skills with participants.

Still Life Painting Sessions

SWS organises Still Life Painting sessions where members and non-members come together to paint on a regular basis.

Date: Every first and third Tuesday of the month Time: 2 to 5pm
Venue: Telok Kurau Studios, Room 304
Cost: SWS member - $5 for 2 sessions; Guest- $5 per session
(Fees inclusive of utilities and purchase of displayed materials etc.)

Outdoor Painting Sessions

SWS organises outdoor painting sessions at various locations in Singapore on a regular basis for members to meet, exchange ideas and learn from one another.