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Low Puay Hua刘培和

Mr. Low Puay Hua, an established Singaporean watercolour artist graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in 1965. In recent years, he has also branch out to oil and Chinese painting.

Mr. Low has held solo watercolour exhibition at Zhuhai China Gu Yuan Art Gallery.
Chinese Ink Exhibition at Hai Hui Art Gallery in 2013 & 2015.

His works has also been exhibited in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Macao, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Korea, France and England.

Over these years, Mr. Low’s works have been highly accepted and appreciated through winning various awards:

2010 Artist of the year 2010 – Teochew Artists Exhibition

1986 Silver Medal - Salon Des Artistes Francois Paris, France

1978 National Day Art Exhibition Award

1965年毕业于南洋美术专科学校, 著名水彩画家, 近年来转向油画和水墨画创作。水彩画个展于中国珠海古元美术馆。作品曾在中国(包括香港、澳门)、马来西亚、日本、越南、泰国、印尼、韩国、法国和英国等地展出。1978年获颂国庆美展优秀奖,1986年获颂法国巴黎沙龙银奖章,2010年获潮人书画特选卓越艺术家奖。