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Florence Lay- Foo Sak Fah傅石花

Retiree; formerly Clerk in British Naval Force, Stenographer in Singapore Electronic & Engg Pte Ltd, PA to Govt Officials/Politicians, Verbatim reporter in SPH.

Enrolled in Art classes in Singapore 
Tanjong Pagar CC, Ayer Rajah CC, NAFA and UK in 2005.

Life member of 
Singapore Art Society (2009)
Singapore Chinese Artists’Society
NAFA Alumni 
Member of Singapore Watercolour Society (2011-to date).

Participated in above societies’ annual exhibitions, including the Call of traditions art exhibition;
2016 Incheon Global Cities Art Exchange Grand Festival; Thriving through art- Women artists’ grand exhibition 2019.

Launched my recipe/art book A Tale of Singapore (2011).

Donated 12 artworks to Bright Vision Hospital for Project Heart, and some to  St Luke’s Hosp, Singapore Cancer Society, Changi-Simei Charity etc.

In 2018, I painted an orchid named DendrobriumHoly Cross sg (after the church D’ Holy Cross) auctioned and proceeds went to Clarity (a charity organisation for mental health).