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Lim Hwee Tiong林辉忠

Lim started watercolour painting in 1967 and graduated from the Singapore Academy of Art. In 1978, his watercolour painting won Special Prize at the National Day Art Exhibition held by the Ministry of Culture. In 1981, he was invited to participate in the Louvre Art Exhibition in Paris, France. In 1985, he won the Dr Tan Tsze Chor Award and received first prize in the competition organised by the Ministry of Culture and the United Overseas Bank. In 1986, he was selected to participate in the 'Grand Palais of Singapore Contemporary Artists' in Paris. In 1991, the ‘Lim Hwee Tiong's Solo Exhibition’ was held at the National Museum of Singapore, officially opened by the President of NTU, Dr Cham Tao Soon. From 1994 to 2015, he participated in various local painting exhibitions. Participate in Yiweiyun Exhibition in 2020: 3D viewing exhibition. Lim also participates in overseas art exhibitions such as Taiwan, China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia (Asian Watercolor Exhibition). His works are in private and public collections: Nanyang Technological University, United Overseas Bank Group, private collectors.

1967年开始水彩画,毕业于新加坡艺术学院。1978年, 以一幅各人水彩作品在文化部举办的国庆艺术展荣获特别奖。1981 年,受邀参加法国巴黎罗浮宫美术展。1985年, 荣获陈之初艺术奖及文化部与大华银行主办赛第一名。1986年,被挑选参展巴黎的‘新加坡当代艺术家大皇宫(Grand Palais)’。1991年, 在新加坡国家博物馆举办‘林辉忠个人画展 ’,由南大校长,詹道存博士正式开幕。1994至2015年, 参加本地各项画展。2020年参加艺维云展: 3D看展。参观第七展厛 ,每年也都参加外地如台湾,中国,日本,韩国,马来西亚 (亚细亚水彩画展)。作品被私人及公众收藏:南洋理工大学,大华银行集团,私人收藏家。