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Jean Panek

Jean was born in Poland where he studied the Master of Engineering at the prestigious AGH academy in Krakow.

He has emigrated to Belgium and became a Belgian citizen. From an early age, he has shown an interest in art, and as an autodidact he developed his talent by painting urban scenes, landscapes, landmarks, changing seasons, and everyday life during his professional assignments as a Project Director and an Professional Engineer in four different continents.

He lived and stayed long-time in 12 different countries. Very sensitive to light, changing colours and contrast he structures and composes his works with particular attention to symmetry and prospective rules.

His works, well composed, are full of twinkling light, saturated with vibrant, warm colours. Jean likes watercolour technique, one of the most difficult art and is proud to be a member of the prestigious  Singapore Watercolour Society. He has further studied the art in Shanghai, China and in Singapore. He has had expositions in Singapore, South Korea and Europe.