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Seah Kam Chuan谢江泉

An ardent watercolourist, illustrator and art educator, Seah’s love for art started at the tender age of eight years old when he started copying from and drawing any images and illustrations that he can get his hands on. The enjoyable times spent drawing became fond memories of indulging in what he loved. During the foundation years in his art making, he went on to explore various mediums but soon discovered that he loved watercolour the most. There was something about its transparency and fluidity, the free and willful movement of water, which always resulted in many delightful surprises.

The process of seeing the watercolour pigments interacting with the paper and with each other, affected by numerous factors such as timing and temperature, just to name a few, was captivating. Seah persisted in his choice of medium, perfecting his craft, and went on to become an active member of the Singapore Watercolour Society where he served as a the President of the Singapore Watercolour Society from 2000 – 2006, making significant contributions which included introducing and setting up the Singapore Watercolour Society’s online portal.