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Raymond Li李德明

I am a self-taught artist, specializing in portraits, gestures, scenery, and outdoor sketching using watercolor as the prime medium. I started my watercolor journey in 2017. I started my watercolor learning from NAFA, and was guided by Mr. Loy Chye Chuan, and recently Mr. Ong Kim Seng, and attended a workshop by Joseph Zbukvic in Mar 2023 New Zealand. 

It is my passion to spread the joy of art. I believe that art is not a privilege of the gifted few. It is a learnable skill that everyone can enjoy. My simple wish – If more people can appreciate and enjoy art, the world will be a more beautiful and enjoyable place to live in. I believe these are the little things that art can positively impact the world. Hence, I dedicated myself to reaching out to people through art teaching, art jams, and group outdoor painting. It was from this simple motive, that I founded a private art club called “Art Appreciation Club” in 2017 to promote the joy of art by engaging like-minded people from all walks of life regardless of age, ethnic group, nationality, skill level, medium, style, and expression. We have monthly regular gatherings to share our artwork and learn together by inviting speakers on special art topics. The art group hosted a joint-exhibition in The Art House last year Dec 2023 called “From Invisible to Visible”. There were 20 international artists and 60 paintings exhibited.