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Estremos Achilles Tomanpos

Achilles "Uhky Uhky" Estremos, an architect trained Interior Designer turned artist is known for his unpredictable but personal style of simplifying the layers of each of his complicated urban landscape.  His unmistakable

atmospheric artwork that resonates simplicity in his interpretation of light - effectively as an impression of what

he sees and paints defines his work. 


He believes personally that things are easier to comprehend when it is simple, the rest will just follow.  To

be CREATIVE in watercolour comes from the joy of SIMPLIFYING what you see and paint while LEARNING

consciously the art of the medium.  Uhky- Uhky or Aki hails from Bohol, Philippines. Presently Singapore based with his wife and kids.



Urban Sketchers Group (Singapore, Manila, Cebu)

IWS Philippines, Philippine Guild of Watercolourists

Singapore Watercolour Society

Sgoons Tattoos

My Art Space



Runner Up – 31st “Kulay sa Tubig” Watercolour Competition, Philippines/ Gallery Genesis