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Li Chao Ying李超英

Li Chao Ying, Bachelor of Architecture. Loved art from a young age. Trained in art fundamentals in university.

Currently working in the urban planning and design industry in Singapore. Have participated in various online and offline exhibitions and sold several watercolour pieces.

Representative works include "Poppy Field", "Early Autumn 初秋的芳草地", "残楼古韵", "Old House", etc. 

李超英,建筑学学士。从小热爱绘画,大学期间接受过系统的绘画基础训练。目前在新加坡从事城市规划与设计工作。其水彩作品参加过一些线上及线下展览并售出。代表作有"Poppy Field", “Early Autrunm_初秋的芳草地”,“残楼古韵”及 “Old House_老屋” 等。