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Tay Hock Leong郑福隆

Tay Hock Leong is currently the President of Singapore Teachers’ Art Society and Assistant Treasurer of the Federation of Art Societies Singapore. A member of the Singapore Watercolor Society and life member of the Art Society Singapore and The Society of Chinese Artists.
He actively participating in many art exhibitions both locally and overseas:

• 12th Asia Art Alliance Exhibition 2023 Singapore
• Art Vogue D’ Nation Art Exchange Exhibition
• 2023 23rd International Art Calligraphy Exchange Exhibition in Tokyo (Calligraphy -Gold Award)
• 2022 Asia Pacific Grand Art Exhibition
• 2022 BRILLIANT ART RHAPSODY 艺韵腾辉 2022.
• 2021 “The Heros of Our Time” Art Exhibition by National Healthcare Group
• 2020 Seoul International Art Festival (Calligraphy)
• 2019 “38th Dr Tan Tsze Chor Art Award”– Outstanding work (Calligraphy)
• 2019 Singapore-Chengdu Art Exchange Exhibition - 荣耀狮城-感知成都
• 2019 Singapore Bicentennial and National Day Art Exhibition
• 2018 Singapore - Guangzhou Art Exchange exhibition
• 2017 The Singapore Arts Federation 50th Anniversary Exhibition

Mr. Tay Hock Leong