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Tan Siang Hon陈上宏

Art has always been a part of my life. But it’s only in recent years that what has always been in the background found a new voice in my soul. This is especially so when I enter into the different cultures and befriend the different communities of the world - both here in Singapore and overseas.

Watercolour is the main medium I work in. I like its transparency, fluidity and dynamism. But all these mean it can also be very unforgiving. So all art is ultimately a journey of faith - trusting in an unknown Divine to make accidents into a thing of beauty. To this end I paint, seeking to capture this beauty and glory unseen except for souls awakened to anticipate the charm that’s within us and around us all.

When I put my brushes and palette down, I enjoy talking to people from all walks of life, or I would settle myself into a book and listen to music from the 80’s. I am married to my best friend and soulmate, and have 3 boys who have no idea how proud I am of them.