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Alicia Tan Yen Ping陈燕萍

Known for her forte in watercolour paintings, Alicia Tan is an experienced Singaporean artist who possesses a diverse skill set in this industry. Her love for doodling as a child has transformed into a passion for capturing the intricate details of old traditional houses and the beauty of nature. With a unique set of painting techniques, this artist has mastered the medium of watercolours, infusing her works with depth, emotion, and a distinctive artistic voice. Through her creative growth and the exploration of her techniques, viewers are invited to appreciate the remarkable fusion of art and biology that breathes life into her paintings.

She holds multiple awards, including the Legion Paper Merchandise Award for 3rd Annual Women in Watercolour International Juried Competition 2022, Excellent Award for the International Masters of Watercolour Alliance (IMWA) 2022, UK SAA Artists of the Year 2021 and First prize for Fremantle 2020 Plein Air competition. Currently a full-time art educator, she intends to share her knowledge with those keen on such artworks.

A Member of Singapore Watercolour Society since 2018, Alicia served as a Treasurer from 2021 to 2023.  She is also part of SWS Jury of Judges (2021 to present).

9-12 March 2023 Federation of Art Societies (Singapore)
Singapore 6th International Women Artists Exhibition 2023
“Elegant Strokes, Exquisite Art”
~ One of the selected Artists
3-8 March 2023 “Voice of Art I” ION Art Gallery
~ One of the selected Artists
October 2022 “SAA Artists of the Year 2022, Nottingham, United Kingdom”
~ 2nd Place Professional Artist of the Year Award
July 2022 “3rd Annual Women in Watercolor International Juried
(Ostrich painting titled “LET’S GO FOR A RUN”)
July 2022 “3rd Annual Women in Watercolor International Juried
~ Finalist Award
(Sunflower painting titled “Glory”)
14 July - 4 August 2022 “World Watercolour Month Exhibition” Singapore
~ One of the selected Artists
8 March 2022 “IMWA — Goddess of Beauty International Watercolour
Flowers Exhibition”
~ Excellent Award
5 - 9 March 2022 Federation of Art Societies (Singapore)
Singapore Women Artists Exhibition 2022
“Magnificence Once More”
~ One of the selected Artists
March & April 2022 “Global Art Connection Watercolour Exposition
France Poland 2022”
~ Global IWM High Recommended Awards