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Wong Yau黄尧

Dr Wong Yau (PhD)
I am an amateur watercolourist who started painting actively in 2018.  The subjects of my  interest are mainly old local buildings and scene. I hope that through my paintings, I can provide another mode of preserving images of our local history.
In 2018, I decided to pick up my brushes again to pursue my passion for art which I have put on hold for 40 over years. As a teen, I had art lessons under the tutelage of my late art teacher,  an influential pioneering Singapore first-generation artist. In addition, I have been scrutinizing works of various watercolourists online to understand the subtlety of watercolour painting. In doing so, I hope to use the light and shadow technique to invoke contrast and bright colours to inject vibrancy to my paintings.
You can review my other painting from my Instagram www.instagram.com/wongyau2