Singapore Watercolour Society

Personal Profile and Artwork Submission

If you send large files, they can get caught by spam filters and / or can be difficult to open.

images should be in JPEG format in 72dpi
profile images should be sized 400 pixels in height and 400 pixels in width
artwork images should be sized 1500 pixels on the longest side
This will help to ensures maximum compatility for viewing on different sizes of monitor.

Please ensure that your image files names are logical and consistent. Please also begin each file name with a number, beginning with your most recent work (i.e. your most recent work should be file number “01”). An example of how you could name your files is below for reference.

01_lastname_title_2017_W (cm) x H (cm)
02_lastname_title_2016_W (cm) x H (cm)
03_lastname_title_2015_W (cm) x H (cm)

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