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Fang Yong Meng Gerald
我1977年毕业于南洋美专,之后进入广告界前后43年,工作期间由于全神投入广告设计生涯,与绘画艺术完全脱节。 直到2018年七月退休后,才能定下心,释放累积多年的工作压力,重提画笔,实现一直以来的期望,即是退休后要做的第一件事就是到处旅游,享受画画的乐趣。 I graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in 1977, and then entered the advertising career for 43 years. During my work, I was completely out of touch with the art of painting due to my dedicated career in advertising design. It wasn't until I retired in July 2018 that I was able to settle down, release the accumulated pressure of work for many years, re-pick up my brushes, and realise my all-time expectation, that is, the first thing to do after retirement is to travel around and enjoy the fun of painting.
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