Leng Joon Wong

Leng Joon Wong 凌运凰 b 1947

Born in China in 1947, Leng Joon Wong relocated to Singapore at the tender age of 9. He began painting in his teenage years and subsequently attended the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. Upon graduation in 1964, he worked as a graphic designer for 13 years before finally becoming a full-time artist. A founder member of the Singapore Watercolour Society alongside prominent pioneer artists such as Lim Cheng Hoe and Chen Chong Swee, Joon Wong’s stature among the top watercolour artists in Singapore was widely affirmed even before he left for the United States in the 1990s to further his art. In the 1980s while the art market in Singapore was barely thriving, a full-sheet watercolour painting (56 x 78 cm) by Joon Wong already commenced a price status between $3,000 to $4000 SGD, attesting to the appeal and valuation of his artworks on the market. Having travelled extensively and participated in numerous shows around the globe, his watercolour works had been exhibited in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Manila, Taiwan, Japan, Moscow, China and the United States. In addition to private patronage around the world, his paintings can also be found in the collections of the National Museum, Foreign Ministry and various statutory boards and banks in Singapore.