Khor Ean Ghee

Khor Ean Ghee 许延义 b.1934

Penang born and was educated in Taiwan and England where he received his education in Fine Art and in Interior Design. His interest in art dates back to his school days at Chung Ling High School where he was taught art by the late pioneer artist Mr. Khaw Sia. Under the tutelage of Khaw, his interest in watercolour grew and today, Khor is one of the established watercolour artists in Malaysia and Singapore.

Khor was an interior design with the Housing Development Board of Singapore and was also a senior lecturer at the LaSalle SIA College of the Arts, Singapore. He, being a member of the core group of watercolour enthusiasts in Singapore became the founding member of the Singapore watercolour society in 1969. A man very much devoted to art, Khor is the president of the Singapore Art society and the adviser of the Federation of Art Societies in Singapore. He is also a life member of Penang Watercolour Society and Penang Arts society.

Khor’s art works use watercolours as the main medium and many depict local heritage street scenes of Penang and Singapore. These paintings express his feelings through a play of lights to evoke and capture the atmosphere of tranquility. Looking at his paintings of familiar street scenes in the heritage area of these historical cities, one can evoke the feeling of tranquil, charm and character of the scenes.