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Stoney Tham谭文冬

I am considering myself still a learner on the journey of art painting.
I started with acrylic and into water colour and Chinese ink , every level of my learning journey it help me to learn more about myself , my strength my weakness my mental and spiritual side of the nature. And it brought me to self awareness and deep realisation.

Quote :”Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” – Thomas Merton

I had participated exhibition as followed:
2017-Singapore art society
2017- Dr Tan Tsze Chor art award exhibition
2018- SIngapore art society
2018- The society of Chinese artists
2019- Dr Tan Tsze Chor art award exhibition
2022- SDB Singapore Art champions exhibition
2021- 12th World Art Exhibition of the international water colour
2022 - Singapore Woman artists exhibition
2022- NAFA virtual exhibition “Fragments"