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Ng Kwee King黄贵琴

Kwee King studied under the guidance of Mr. Loy Chye Chuan in year 1997 to understand the art of watercolour.

She was selected by Shell Discovery Art of Singapore in 1999 as one of the new young artists of Singapore

1997年,貴琴在黎才专老师的指导下认识了水彩艺术, 並于1999年被新加坡蚬壳汽油公司挑选为新加坡新进年轻艺术家之一。

Kwee King often fascinated by the beauty of nature, and her passion can be found in all her landscape works.


Her watercolour painting "Reflection" was given an Honourable Mention in the February 2001 issue of International Artists Magazine.

她的水彩画作 "倒影" 也在2001年2月份的国际艺术家杂志中获奖。