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Sumei Chew

I was painting in Acrylic and recently I have started doing more water colour.

As a keen and mindful observer with a passion for all things natural, I am drawn to  the intricate world of the rainforests that surroundings me in Singapore. In my mind's eye; I see the myriad of textures, the pulsating abundance of flora and fauna on the trees, plants and grounds of the forest floor. The trees are like our lungs, the flowers a reminder of our own sexuality, the fruits; our children. The rainforest is like a hologram of ourselves. What goes wrong out there eventually reaches us too.

I paint a vibrant colourful and energetic world; which often parallels my own outlook in life.

Some of my works are available for sale online and most of my previous works are in private collections in the USA, Singapore, UK, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney.