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Teo Kien Loo張群如

Kien Loo’s love for art and painting can be traced back to her childhood when art was her favorite subject at school. A retired school teacher, Kien Loo started painting in Chinese Ink in 1994. More recently, she started working with watercolors.

Kien Loo has shown her work in many exhibitions in Singapore and abroad. The latter include exhibitions in China, Malaysia, Burma and Korea. Kien Loo’s work is collected by both local and international collectors.

Kien Loo currently serves as Vice President of the Women Artists Association (Singapore). She is a council member of Singapore Teachers' Art Society?the International Art & Culture (Singapore) Federation and the Federation of Art Societies (Singapore). Furthermore, she is a member of the National Academy of Fine Arts, the Singapore Society of Chinese Artists, the Singapore Art Society, the Singapore Watercolour Society and the Chinese Arts Association of San Francisco.